ALERT: Find out how to upload your vaccination card before traveling to Hawaii. Click HERE to learn more.

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Find out how to upload your vaccination card before traveling to Hawaii. Click HERE to learn more.


So you're planning your trip to Hawaii? is an excellent place to start.  We can help you price and book hotels. We offer exclusive rental car discounts. We have great deals on island-hopping packages. We even provide insider tips on the best attractions, places to visit, and things to do. The information below will help guide you through the process. Tip: Start with the Visitor Information article and then work your way to the right.  Scroll down for itinerary suggestions and day trip ideas as well as safety tips and other resources.

Suggested Itineraries for Traveling in Hawaii

Wondering what you should do in Hawaii? Well, that depends on how much time you’ve got and what your priorities are. Here are some suggested itineraries based on the number of days you’ll be on island.

Only 1 Day in Paradise? No Problem

Maybe you’re on a quick business trip, just passing through to another destination, or would like to take a quick hop to another island for the day. If you’ve only got one day on an island, we suggest you make it count! We’ve outlined your best options for a day in Hawaii. And if you prefer to travel as part of a tour, Roberts Hawaii offers a variety of one-day neighbor island tours departing from Honolulu.

One Week in Hawaii – First Trip

A week in Hawaii is ideal. If you’ve got a full week and you’ll only be staying on one island, you’ll really get a feel for the place and be able to hit the highlights. Below are suggested itineraries for 7 days in Hawaii.

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Day Trips in Hawaii: From Popular to Off the Beaten Path

There are so many things to do and places to see in Hawaii. Here are some fun day trips to choose from. We’ve got suggestion for all islands.

Expect the Unexpected

In Hawaii, there is a saying: If you don’t like the weather, wait awhile, it will change. The weather here is mostly beautiful and the people here are mostly lovely. However, even in paradise, tragedy can strike. Here are some tips for staying safe, adjusting your itineraries and finding help when you really need it.