The Island of Oahu

Known as “The Gathering Place,” Oahu is the state’s most populated island. From rich, historical sites to off-the-map tourist treasures, visitors here will find a near endless supply of scenic beauty and exciting activities to enjoy. Surfers seeking the world’s best waves need look no further than Oahu’s famed North Shore, a country paradise which attracts professional riders from across the globe. Those with more metropolitan tastes may avail themselves of Waikiki with its sparkling white sand beach and shopping mecca of Ala Moana. History buffs will find their bliss among Honolulu’s cultural gems while touring among this, Oahu’s largest city and Hawaii’s state capital. Popular destinations for delving into the past include the royal family’s residence of ʻIolani Palace, as well as Pearl Harbor, the stunning slopes of Diamond Head, and more. President Obama’s vacation destination of choice, Kailua, presents a spectacular beach alongside unique shops and cafes.

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