Soar in a Glider

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Photo courtesy of  ponyboy101

Photo courtesy of ponyboy101

One of the best ways to see Oahu from above is to book a glider ride. A glider looks and flies like an airplane, but soars like a bird due to the glider’s long, sleek wings. It will carry you aloft, with only the sound of the wind rushing by as you revel in the silence of the skies. You’ll peer over ancient volcanic ridges, and down to the island’s edge as it drops off into the brilliant blue Pacific. Darker coral reefs along the shore shift before your eyes as schools of fish unexpectedly change course.

Flightseeing by glider is a very personal experience and completely eco-friendly. Incoming trade winds and incredible scenery combine to offer ideal soaring conditions year round. On a clear day, passengers can often see Kauai, some 80 miles in the distance.

Dillingham Airfield, nestled at the foot of the Wai’anae Mountains, is just 50 minutes from the Waikiki resort area on the main drive route around the island. Hale’iwa, home to surfers, backpackers and local artisans, is 15 minutes away. Two-passenger rides offer the best deals. You might be offered “a go” at the controls and, if you wish, aerobatic flights with loops, wing-overs, rolls, stalls and spins are available.

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