Under a Sail, Over the Ocean

By Hawaii.com Team

Parasailing is so quiet and peaceful, it’s easy to forget you’re being towed by a boat and floating somewhere between 300 and 800 feet above the ocean. You can see for miles and miles, yet you aren’t so far away that you can’t distinguish details. Was that a pod of spinner dolphins just below? Isn’t that your girlfriend down on the beach waving to you in front of your hotel?

Parasailing above the clear, blue Pacific Ocean is an awesome experience. Parasailers put it this way: “If you want the thrill of skydiving with longer hang time, this ride is for you.”

High-tech winch boats provide dry takeoffs and landings. All operators on Oahu use harnesses (rather than the more dangerous chairs). A harness is comfortable, flexible, and allows for a better view as well. The ride is designed for just about everyone and most operators can take two people up at the same time. After a certain amount of time you may be “dropped” in a maneuver that resembles a parachute descent. Here’s your chance to dip your toes in the ocean before the line is winched up and you rise up again.

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