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dolphin at Kealakekua Bay

“This dolphin jumped out of the water, grabbed the leaf and swam past me.” – Kathy D. at Kealakekua Bay. Photo: member Kathy D.

Since access to the ocean is limited and can be dangerous with surf crashing onto the lava-strewn shoreline, inexperienced snorkelers may do better on a guided tour. The captains and crews of the various tour companies are extremely knowledgeable, not only about snorkeling and diving, but also about the history and culture of the area, and the marine life below the surface.

On board a boat with experienced drivers, you’ll be able to reach secluded coves and bays where some of the most beautiful and abundant collections of marine life are found. And as you head for your destination, you are out on the open ocean with a marvelous view of the rugged coastline.

There are two types of snorkel cruises. The ‘deluxe’ cruises are generally on large power catamarans and include plenty of food, no host cocktails, restrooms, water slides, high jumps, and lots of flotation equipment (for all ages and abilities) for that splash-time.

The more adventurous cruises take place on inflatable, rubber rafts. They cater to small groups with specific interests where creature comforts are forsaken for an exhilarating ride and an up-close and personal experience.

One popular destination is Kealakekua Bay, an underwater marine preserve that is a resting area for dolphins and a State Historical Park, which is the site of the Captain Cook Monument. Strict rules govern divers and snorkelers in order to protect the fragile ecosystem. And marine life may not be removed from the park.

Daily snorkel tours to Kealakekua Bay are offered by various companies, which depart from Keauhou Bay. Beautiful Pawai Bay is another well-known destination for snorkelers. This marine life conservation district is accessible only by boat and is located between Honokohau Harbor and Kailua Bay. Abundant marine life and close proximity to nearby harbors make this a wonderful destination.

All snorkel cruises feature safety devices, snorkeling equipment and instruction.

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