Big Island Beaches

Under the pressure of Kilauea’s relentless lava flow, this giant baby of an island continues to adapt and take shape. Noticeable in that pattern of ebb and flow is the metamorphosis of the beaches that fringe its 266-mile coastline. The coastal areas are laced with new and old lava flows that slice through, or completely cover, old beaches and at the same time create new ones. The result is a multi-hued shoreline where some great beaches can be found.

Most of the Big Island’s popular white sand beaches are found on the Kona/Kohala Coast. Black and green sand beaches are found primarily on the southern coast. Both Hilo and Kona offer excellent snorkeling beaches with gradually sloping ocean floors. As a rule of thumb, the west coast has calmer waters as it is protected from the winds by the mid-island mountains.

Let us help you narrow down your search for the perfect beach destination on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Honu at black sand beach Punaluu. Photo courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson.


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