Catch a glimpse of Kaua‘i’s famous rainbow-catching puhi or blowhole, Spouting Horn, during an excursion to the island’s South Shore.

Located in sunny Po‘ipū, the seaside waterspout not only elicits awe in spectators as it reaches great heights but has a knack for reflecting beautiful bands of color during certain times of the day, making it even more sensational.

The Larger the Waves, the Larger the Blast

Seawater bursts into the sky at this celebrated blowhole because when the tide moves under a lava shelf near shore, it’s corralled into a tube where the pressure of the waves catapults it into the sky. The larger the waves, the larger the blast. Some say the spurt can reach heights of up to 50 feet.

Legend Has It

Legend has it that Spouting Horn is home to a large mo‘o (lizard) who got stuck in the tube while trying to snag a Hawaiian swimmer. The young man’s name was Liko who skillfully swam under the lava shelf to fool the lizard into chasing him and escaped through the hole at the top. The monster attempted to follow him but couldn’t fit and, therefore, remains permanently stuck. The hiss and roar of the water as it swells and explodes through the top of the rocks is said to be the reptile’s breath.

Look for the Parking Lot and Souvenir Vendors

To get here, follow Lāwa‘i Road almost all the way to the end, at which point you’ll see a large parking lot to your left. This site is heavily trafficked but parking is ample and the natural wonder is just steps away. You’ll also have a chance to check out some knick-knacks and keepsakes here as vendors regularly set up shop adjacent to the parking lot.

Appreciate the Beauty

Spouting Horn is at least worth a visit before heading to or from the beach on this gorgeous side of the island. This is one of the only sites where you can safely view a blowhole on Kaua‘i. Take a moment to slow down and appreciate the authentic beauty that the isle has to showcase.