Bike Trail, Saddle Road | Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Kirk Lee Aeder

Bike Trail, Saddle Road | Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Kirk Lee Aeder

The Island of Molokai, shimmering in the distance off Maui’s shores, is a world apart from Maui.

Everything slows down on Molokai.

It’s rural, rugged and full of friendly people who love to talk. Molokai’s large Hawaiian population and sparsely developed landscape call to mind an earlier Hawaii, a time when people lived off the land and sea and seldom left the shores of their homes.

A day of biking on Molokai will be a true adventure!

Molokai’s Scenic Bike Routes

Molokai offers some stunning and less-crowded scenic routes, making it a great destination for those who enjoy beautiful landscapes. You can ride along coastal roads, through lush valleys, and past cultural and natural attractions.

If you plan to bike on Molokai, be prepared with proper equipment, water, snacks, and, of course, respect the local culture and environment. Bike rental shops are a great place to get the latest information on available routes and trail conditions.

Here are some bike routes and trails to consider on Molokai:

Kaunakakai to Halawa Valley

This scenic route takes you from the town of Kaunakakai on the central coast to Molokai’s Halawa Valley on the eastern end of the island.

It’s a relatively flat ride along the coastline with stunning views of the ocean. The route also offers a cultural experience as you can visit Halawa Valley, which is home to ancient Hawaiian sites and beautiful waterfalls.

Molokai Forest Reserve Trails

The Molokai Forest Reserve offers a network of trails that wind through the island’s lush upland forests.

These trails provide a more challenging mountain biking experience and the opportunity to explore the island’s interior. Some popular trails within the forest reserve include the Kamakou Preserve Trail and the Pepeopae Bog Boardwalk.

Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove

Located near Kaunakakai, the Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove is a historical site with over 1,000 coconut palms planted in the 1860s.

Biking through this grove is a unique experience, and it’s a relatively easy and flat ride.

Kamehameha V Highway

This coastal road runs along Molokai’s north shore and offers stunning ocean views.

It’s a popular route for cycling and is relatively flat, making it suitable for all skill levels.

Molokai Bike Path

The Molokai Bike Path is a designated biking route that connects the towns of Kaunakakai and Maunaloa on the west end of the island.

It’s a convenient and safe option for cyclists looking for a more leisurely ride.

East Molokai Loop

This is a challenging route that takes you around the entire eastern side of the island.

East Molokai Loop offers breathtaking coastal views but includes steep climbs and descents, so it’s recommended for more advanced cyclists.