Photo courtesy of Big Island Candies.

Photo courtesy of Big Island Candies.

Souvenirs are a fantastic way of bringing back a piece of your vacation for your friends and family to enjoy for themselves. Instead of racking your brain to figure out which souvenirs to purchase, below are some of our favorite recommendations.

Kona Coffee Purveyors 100% Kona Peaberry

peaberry kona coffee hawaii souvenir

Photo courtesy of Kona Coffee Purveyors.

One of the smoothest cups of joe you can buy, peaberry coffee is robust in flavor. Peaberry is a rare coffee bean formed from two coffee beans fusing together within a coffee cherry. The result is a denser bean with a fuller body and taste. Kona Coffee Purveyors is a single estate coffee.

Big Island Candies Signature Shortbread Cookies

Photo courtesy of Big Island Candies.

Photo courtesy of Big Island Candies.

These shortbread cookies are a souvenir staple. They include flavors that are unique to Hawaii, such as macadamia nut and coconut, and also have options with no nuts in case of allergies. These shortbread rectangles are sold plain, dipped in chocolate or even dipped in green tea. You can choose from a variety of different boxes, like their School of Fish keepsake, which has a variety of their signature shortbreads.

Lilikoi Butter


Lilikoi butter found in Foodland supermarket.

Smooth and tangy, lilikoi butter is ideal for toast or warm cornbread. It is an exotic alternative that will give your friends and family a taste of paradise. Lilikoi, or Hawaiian passion fruit,  butter is made from lilikoi juice,  butter, sugar, and eggs.   You can find it in local grocery stores in Hawaii.

Macadamia Nuts


Mauna loa chocolate covered macadamia nuts found in Longs Drugstore.

A classic in Hawaii, macadamia nuts come in a variety of flavors, meaning there is bound to be one that your friends and family will enjoy. Local grocery stores carry flavors such as Wasabi and Maui onion, as well as Hershey’s kisses with macadamia nuts in them.  Enjoy the taste of aloha!