Agave & Vine (top left), Butcher & Bird (bottom left, right) menu items featured. Photo: Olena Heu.

From brunch to butchery and the latest tequila bar, here’s a look at the best new palate whetting restaurants to hit Oahu:

1. Sushi You

Sushi You. Photo: Brandon Sueyoka.

Sushi connoisseurs are rejoicing to find this hot spot for fresh, delicate and perfectly crafted sushi. The mom and pop feel of the tiny dining room (and small bar seating) is cozy, comfortable and the perfect ambiance for a BYOB omakase evening.

Sushi You. Photo: Brandon Sueyoka.

Value, expertly crafted sushi and delightfully pampered fish make this a dining experience to remember. Lucky fish lovers enjoy shellfish delicacies, supremely decadent sashimi and authentic sushi lovingly prepared by this husband and wife team.

Sushi You
1296 South Beretania Street
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 593-8464

2. Rangoon Burmese Kitchen

Rangoon Burmese Kitchen. Photo: Sean Morris.

A creative combination of southeast and Asian cuisine this brand new restaurant in Chinatown’s arts district is serving up delicious dishes of epic proportions. Many liken it to a cross between Indian and Thai flavors, but Burmese cuisine has a taste and texture combination all it’s own.

Rangoon Burmese Kitchen. Photo: Sean Morris.

Bold spices, chilis, curries and fresh garden vegetables make this place the new happening spot for adventurous eaters. In the former location of Restaurant Epic, this sister eatery to Dagon on South King Street brings a sense of season, versatility and a special treat for hungry mouths.

Rangoon Burmese Kitchen
1131 Nuuanu Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 367-0645

3. Butcher & Bird

Butcher & Bird. Photo: Olena Heu.

A full-service butcher and deli, nestled in the heart of Kakaako, Butcher & Bird specializes in locally sourced meats, homemade sausages and perfectly paper-thin charcuterie. Located on the second floor of SALT at Kakaako, this brand new butchery quietly opened its doors to the public while secretly showcasing some of the best meats, bites and sweets around.

Butcher & Bird. Photo: Olena Heu.

During the week patrons can order hand-cut Hawaiian meats, locally made artisan sausages and sandwiches — then on Sunday prepare for a delightful brunch with filling sweet and savory Tex-Mex options.

Butcher & Bird
324 Coral Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 762-8095

4. Burger Hale

Burger Hale. Photo: Olena Heu.

Brought to you by a husband and wife dynamic duo who spend their lives in the front of the kitchen (on the line) and the back of the house (in pastry), Wade and Michelle Ueoka (co-owners of MW Restaurant) have crafted a new burger joint that aims to create your favorite Hawaii-inspired comfort foods.

Burger Hale. Photo: Olena Heu.

Located in the International Marketplace in Waikiki, Burger Hale specializes in decadent burgers, tasty hot dogs (on Hawaiian sweet bread), fish tacos and a delicious mochiko chicken sandwich. Then you can wash it all down with Michelle’s signature shave ice shakes (made with 100% real fruit juice and creamy ice cream).

Burger Hale
2309 Kuhio Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 377-4402

5. Yield

Yield. Photo: Olena Heu.

Straight from the farm to your fork is the honest mission of the new brunch spot located in Honolulu’s Chinatown district. Roasted vegetables, the famed dutch baby and fresh cold pressed juices (packed full of vitamins) enhance the dining experience.

Locally sourced menu items, boasting the highest quality and decadent taste profiles, make this a hit with those craving breakfast and lunch fixings. From the farmer’s breakfast to the daily house fresh fish, these dishes are sure to satiate your brunch appetite.

1110 Nuuanu Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 233-9453

6. Agave & Vine

Agave & Vine. Photo: Olena Heu.

Craft beers and an impressive wine selection (on tap) seem to entice people to this new cocktail bar conveniently located at Ala Moana Center. An emphasis on specialty tequilas and handcrafted mixed beverages make this the perfect place to enjoy an afterwork sip and bite.

Agave & Vine. Photo: Olena Heu.

So truth be told they don’t technically serve food here at this open air “tequila bar,” but you can bring the dishes from The Lanai (Ala Moana’s newest food court) into the bar/dining room and enjoy your reprieve with food and drink in hand.

Agave & Vine
1450 Ala Moana Blvd
Honolulu, HI 96814

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