Hawai‘i has four of the five major climate zones in the world and eight of the 13 sub-zones.

We take a closer look at the various areas of Hawai‘i Island that illustrate such climate diversity…

(Cover photo: One of many pu‘u, or hills, found on Hawai‘i Island. This one is at the elevation of 2,577 feet—part of the temperate climate—which is dry and warm in the summertime.)

A horse meanders in a field guarded by a stand of trees in Waimea.
Mauna Kea at 8,175 feet above sea level
The polar tundra at the top of Mauna Kea, at the 13,796-foot elevation, looking east-northeast toward some snowcapped pu‘u.
The Canada-FranceHawai‘i (left) and Gemini North (right) telescopes sit in the polar tundra found at the top of Mauna Kea.
Image of The verdant surroundings
The verdant surroundings of the 422-foot Akaka Falls in Honomu, near Hilo