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Things to Do on Kauai

Have you ever wanted to swim with green sea turtles or zip line through a rainforest? Adventures like these are among the many things to do on Kauai.

From hopping in a canoe and paddling up the Wailua River to sailing across the Nā Pali Coast on a sunset tour, the number of fun things to do on Kaua‘i abound for nature lovers and thrill seekers alike.

Visiting Waimea Canyon is one of the top ten things to do on Kaua‘i and is a must for anyone that has a rental car and the time to visit this Westside gem. But there are plenty of other equally remarkable journeys that can be taken, even if you’re short on time, and the best part is they don’t cost a penny. Because the island is so naturally pristine, the types of scenery you can feast your eyes on ranges from easily accessible waterfalls like ‘Opaeka‘a Falls in Wailua to divine seascapes that don’t even require you to get out of the car.

Finding out what to do on Kaua‘i is easy. Just ask your concierge or any number of kama‘aina (residents) who live in the area you’d like to explore and they will provide you with the most knowledgeable information. Kama‘aina are especially aware of the best things to do on Kaua‘i that don’t cost money like hiking or relaxing beachside; they’ll be able to inform you which beaches are the best to swim like Pō‘ipu Beach and which hikes are most beautiful like the Kalalau trail.

For the more athletically-inclined, water sports, including stand-up paddle boarding and surfing, are other popular things to do on Kaua‘i. You can rent equipment at an hourly rate or even sign up for classes. Exploring the inaccessible parts of the island, however, require that you book a tour. This is the only way you’ll get to view majestic locations like Honopū Valley that can only be seen by boat or helicopter, or discover unchartered territory like Kipu Kai beach which can only be seen by way of ATVs. These group activities are an especially attractive option for visitors.

So whether you want to lounge poolside with a mai tai or plunge through the forest on an ATV, it’s a breeze finding things to do on Kaua‘i.