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Dining on Oahu

Oahu has some serious eats. This island boasts the widest range of restaurants than any other island. In one day, you can have a five-star experience at a place like Roy’s Waikiki, sample many different ethnic foods mainly from Asia and the Pacific Rim, and dine on the best Japanese food outside of Japan.

Try a plate lunch from Rainbow Drive Inn and the local fast food chain, Zippy’s, a malasada, or Portuguese doughnut, from Leonard’s, or shave ice from Matsumoto’s after a beach trip to the North Shore. Coco puffs from Liliha Bakery are a local favorite and are great with that first cup of coffee in the morning. Don’t miss the shrimp trucks that can be found throughout the North Shore area. No matter what you’re seeking, you can pretty much find it here!