Catch a Flight to Jurassic Falls

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View of Manawaipuna (Jurassic) Falls from helicopter over Kauai. Photo: Julian Fong.

An enduring aspect of Kaua‘i is its luscious waterfalls that drip from nearly every emerald mountain top. Manawaiopuna Falls is one of the Garden Isle’s most notable waterfalls made famous in one of the opening scenes of the 1993 blockbuster film, “Jurassic Park.” The natural wonder, commonly referred to as “Jurassic Falls,” is a breathtaking sight to behold. The water cascades from an approximate 400-foot tall cliff surrounded by rich flora and is located within Hanapēpē Valley on the westside of the island.

Only Visible Via Helicopter

Manawaipuna (Jurassic) Falls, Kauai. Photo: Katie.

The only way you’re able to see this magnificent waterfall is by helicopter, as it’s tucked on private land in a highly inaccessible, undeveloped area. The land is owned by the Robinson family who also lay claim to the mysterious island of Ni‘ihau. Access to these two places, therefore, is only granted with permission. So, while most helicopter tour companies fly by this gorgeous waterfall, Island Helicopters is the only one allowed to land at its base.

One of a Kind

Manawaipuna (Jurassic) Falls, Kauai. Photo: Katie.

This one-of-a-kind tour is about 75-80 minutes long and includes flying to other remote areas of Kaua‘i, like the fluted peaks of the Nāpali Coast. But what really sets the journey apart is being able to walk along a path in the rainforest that hugs the bottom of “Jurassic Falls.”

During this leg of the trip, you also learn about the history of the secluded misty domain and understand the different native plants that thrive there. Guests will leave with a greater knowledge of the unique geologic formations and agricultural history of the area as well.

Only one helicopter can land at a time here and when only a handful of guests are allowed on each flight, this makes for a private experience. You’re even granted plenty of time to capture as many pictures as possible from multiple angles.

Doors Off

View of Manawaipuna (Jurassic) Falls from helicopter over Kauai. Photo: Julian Fong.

On the other hand, if you’d rather stay seated during a helicopter adventure, there are companies that offer different varieties of experiences (“doors off” anyone?) for photo-taking purposes that let you get up close and personal with Kaua‘i’s lovely natural architectural structures like Manawaiopuna Falls.

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