Choose a Videographer for Your Hawaii Wedding

By Karen Rose

Photo: Kai-Photo Hawaii

There’s nothing more beautiful and romantic than a Hawaiian wedding, and there’s no better way to preserve the emotions and feelings of the day than a wedding video. Choosing who you want to capture your special day is an important decision. Wedding videos are a time-capsule of your wedding day. Videos are a reminder of important and treasured details that may otherwise be forgotten over time.

The best way to choose a videographer for your Hawaiian wedding is to watch the wedding videos in their portfolio. Here are few things to look for when determining the right videographer who will capture the true feeling of your ceremony and celebration.

Authentic Emotion

Look for a videographer who creates an emotional experience with their filming. Anyone can shoot raw video, but it takes an artist’s eye to edit the material into an authentic, story-telling experience. Look for a professional who incorporates music into the video and shares the experience of your wedding day from start to finish.

Living in the Moment

Still photography is magical, stopping time at just the perfect moment. Video adds the extra dimensions of sound and movement, providing memories that allow us to relive the moment in true authenticity. Wedding videos capture the sound of grandpa’s laugh, and crazy aunt Betty’s rendition of the twist. Relive your first dance in a way photos can’t. You’ll be glad you did.

See Everything You Missed

When looking for the perfect wedding videographer, see if their portfolio videos catch the subtle memories being made at your ceremony. The day will fly by, and you can’t be at every table or in every conversation at all times. See if they capture the nervousness of the groom, or your mom wiping away a tear. You may not see the funny antics of the flower girl and ring bearer while you’re visiting with all your guests. A good videographer will capture these special moments so you won’t miss a thing.

Fall in Love All Over Again

A good videographer will create a special memory you can watch over and over. Maybe you choose your anniversary to pull out the video story of your special day. It will make the day even more special. Pop open a glass of champagne and laugh, smile and cry over the wonderful memories. From your vows, to your fist dance, to the beautiful tropical scenery, your wedding video will make any occasion more special.

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