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Wedding Venues

Find your swoon worthy wedding venue

Your venue is quite possibly the most important decision you will need to make, because your venue will be a major factor in the look and feel, cost and vendor options for your wedding day. Choose from beautiful beach venues, private estates, resort hotels, charming chapels and gorgeous gardens. If you can think it, you can probably find it in Hawaii. Because, although Hawaii is known for its beaches, Hawaii is also home to the most diverse ecosystems in the world, including snow, volcanic regions and beautiful misty uplands. Have fun finding a place that’s just your style!

Featured Wedding Venues

Best Wedding Venues in Hawaii

The best wedding venues in Hawaii tend to be those that find the perfect balance between Hawaii's beautiful outdoors and cozy creature comforts. Beaches and private beachfront estates top the lists with unique ranches, chapels and garden venues also favored by Hawaii brides.

Outdoor Wedding Venues

Perhaps no place on earth is better suited to an outdoor wedding than the paradise known as Hawaii. Miles of sun-kissed shoreline, golden sands, vast views of islands rising from the sea, flowers blooming in fragrant profusion, tropical lagoons and gardens of vivid green — our Islands offer some of the world’s most spectacular and romantic settings.

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