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By Karen Rose

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A magical wedding in paradise is the ultimate dream for many couples, making Hawaiʻi one of the most popular locations for a destination wedding. However, planning the perfect ceremony for your nuptials can be challenging to accomplish when you live thousands of miles away from the Aloha state. This makes choosing a wedding planner an important element in coordinating your blissful event.

To choose the perfect wedding planner, it’s a good idea to do some online research and read through bridal forums to get an idea what kind of coordinating services are available on each island. You can also browse our list of top-rated wedding planners by island – Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii Island. Once you find a few that have potential, it’s a good idea to contact each one to obtain further information and determine how well you communicate with one another. It’s important to feel comfortable with your wedding planner, because you’ll be working closely with them to plan your special day.

To create a memorable and beautiful Hawaiian wedding, there’s a few things to look for when choosing a wedding planner.


Photo: Mark Hinwood Photographer.

This may seem obvious, but considering the unique aspects of planning a Hawaiian wedding, you’ll want to choose a coordinator with extensive experience planning weddings in the islands. Ask potential wedding planners how many weddings they’ve coordinated in Hawaiʻi. Maybe they have years of experience in other locations but are new to the state and lack the familiarity and connections of those who have several years of planning weddings in Hawaiʻi.

Familiarity with Hawaii

Photo: Mark Hinwood Photographer.

Along with experience comes familiarity with Hawaiʻi and relationships with other service providers on the islands. If something goes array (for example, the photographer gets sick or the venue gets rained out), an experienced and well-connected wedding planner can solve the problem and take care of the details, leaving you to enjoy your wedding day.

Communication Style

Photo: Mark Hinwood Photographer.

When having a destination wedding, communication is key. You’ll want to find a wedding planner who is easy to get a hold of and attentive to your needs and inquiries. Being able to communicate well and know your needs are being met is vital to planning a successful and smooth event. Remember, you’re hiring someone to coordinate a very important day in your life, so make sure it is someone you feel you can trust to help you plan this special day. Good luck and congratulations!

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