Fishing in Hawaii

For the fishermen (and fisher ladies) out there, Hawaiʻi offers an excellent chance to land the catch of your lifetime. Seasoned experts operate sport fishing charter boats in the waters off the Hawaiian Islands.

The waters off of Kona on the Big Island are the most famous for sport fishing. This is where the Annual Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament is held each summer.

You can find more spots for fishing on each island: Oʻahu, Maui, Kauaʻi and the Big Island.

Prize Game Fish and Records

The prize game fish caught off of Hawaiian shores include the Pacific Blue Marlin (1,805 lbs. record), Striped Marlin (212 lbs. record), Swordfish (503 lbs. record), Sailfish (151 lbs. record), Mahimahi (dolphin fish, 82 lbs. record), Bluefin tuna (376 lbs. record), Ahi (yellowfin tuna, 325 lbs. record), and ʻUlua (Giant Trevally, 191 lbs. record). Source of records: