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Hawaii Boat Tours

One of my favorite songs in the world, sung by Paul Simon, encourages me to “Sail on, silver girl, sail on.” The sweet anthem continues on to assure me that, “All your dreams are on their way.” And indeed, Simon knows what he is saying, especially when it comes to this truth reflecting in Hawaii’s dream boat tour excursions, where any girl—or boy—can enjoy an unforgettable ocean adventure among Hawaii’s tropical high seas—and they truly are dreams come true.

On Oahu, many tour companies offer island visitors the chance to not just ride along onboard as a spectator, but to truly see it all, with fun excursions including things like picnics at sugar plantations, and even a chance to climb up famed Diamond Head, and more, along with a lovely boat tours ride. Inter-island day tripping on the open seas is also a great idea for adventurers, with many tour companies hosting a variety of yacht adventures that depart from Oahu, then cruise among the other islands, including an array of sightseeing, dinner, snorkeling, whale-watching and other cruise packages to choose among.

The island of Maui also has many tour companies offering numerous opportunities for sailing in Hawaii. Available day or night, including early morning excursions, as well as romantic sunset and dinner cruises, many of these exciting boat outings also allow guests to experience the beauty of Hawaii and its wildlife, with whale-watching and snorkeling options. Whether you fancy a slower sailboat or prefer a speedy powerboat, you’ll find that this island offers a wealth of vessels to choose among for your ocean adventure.

As far as boat cruises on Kauai are concerned, nothing beats the Na Pali coast for spectacular sights — hop on a tour with Kauai Sea Tours. And for those wanting a little more interaction with Hawaii’s ocean wildlife, several tours allow guests to swim and snorkel with dolphins, sea turtles, and more.

Both excitement and mythological lore are found on the Big Island’s boat tours, where main attractions for visitors include its most popular sunset cruises off of the world-famous Kona coast. And when the lava is flowing, charter a boat around to the southeast side of the island to witness the stark beauty of the island goddess Pele’s fiery lava flow spilling into the sea in all its stunning glory.

Lovely Lanai also won’t disappoint, with most visitors opting to accompany sail adventures around the back (secret!) side of the island, where dolphins and other tropical ocean wildlife are a common sight to be enjoyed. And while Molokai may be a bit more off the beaten path for most island tourists, a sail among its craggy, jaw-dropping coast is not to be missed. Definitely recommended is taking a boat tour here for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sail along these, the tallest sea cliffs in the world.

So whether you are seeking a peaceful day sail around your chosen island, or are up for a more speedy or multi-day adventure, Hawaii has a boat tour specifically catered to your wildest dreams.