Relocating? Moving Your Household

By Team

Tips for shipping your car and moving your pets, furniture and family safely over land and sea.

One of the biggest challenges when relocating to or from Hawaiʻi (or even to another Hawaiian Island) is transporting your car, furniture and other large household items, pets and more safely over land and sea.

To start, research and talk extensively with shipping companies to determine which can operate within your budget and time frame. Companies such as WPR Hawaii, Inc., CSX Lines and Matson provide full shipping services at good prices, from most locations on the U.S. West Coast.

Sell or ship? Some people decide it’s more economical to sell certain items than it is to ship them — such as older cars valued at less than a thousand dollars. That is often a wise choice, but if your household items are in good condition, it makes sense to take them with you to the Aloha State. In Hawaiʻi you’ll find higher costs for manufactured goods, and your choice of replacement merchandise may be limited.

Time frame: Shipping a car or container of household items generally takes three to four weeks. Cars are shipped in individual containers, but many sea carriers will allow partial containers of household goods (a three-bedroom home will likely fill a 24-foot container). Check with your shipping company or an authorized trucking company; they may be able to deliver the container to your house for packing, then retrieve it for delivery to the docks.

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