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Weddings on Oahu

Considering having a destination wedding on the island of Oahu? There is much to consider. Start by setting a budget and a guest list. This will help you decide if having a wedding on Oahu is feasible.

Oahu wedding venue options range from lavish 5 star hotels to beach or garden ceremonies. Look for our article on the Best Wedding Venues on Oahu if you’re really looking to go all-out. Looking for something a little softer on the savings account? Read our article on Outdoor Wedding Venues. Oahu has some of the best beaches and gardens in the world. Many hotels in Waikiki offer beach weddings as a package option. There’s really no need to spend a ton of money on an expensive venue.

If you’ve set your budget, made your guest list, and can’t stop picturing your wedding party on Oahu, it’s time to find a wedding planner. This will make everything so much easier, and planners often have connections to get you great deals with wedding vendors. Ask your wedding planner for help securing your wedding license and officiant, too.

We hope you’ve found this helpful. Have a beautiful wedding on Oahu.