Water Park Fun

By Hawaii.com Team

Walk through the gates at Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii and expect to be hit with high-fidelity, surround-sound screaming. That’s what people do when they’re catapulted from 50 feet in the air through a 130-foot tunnel on one of the extreme rides known as the Tornado. And the Tornado isn’t the only screamer in the park. All in all, there are 14 thrill rides from chill to extreme thrill levels in this 29-acre water theme amusement park near Kapolei.

The park’s newest attraction is something called Da’ Flow Rider, a ride that produces 40 feet of continuous wave action that combines all the excitement and thrill of surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. The Volcano Express is another hot ride. Billed as half volcano, half drag strip, it’s more than 300 feet of sheer adrenaline rush.

This is not a park stamped thrill seekers only. Family rides include one that simulates a tube cruise river ride, one that produces two- to four-foot waves where you can bodysurf or ride the waves in a tube, and an interactive children’s fun pool full of waterfalls, mini slides, water cannons and more.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii is located just off the H-1 Highway on the mountain side of Farrington Highway, approximately 35 minutes west of Waikiki. Take Exit 1 off the H-1 and follow the signs. Be prepared to get wet, stay wet, and get wet some more.

The only thing you should carry with you is waterproof sunscreen. No sunglasses, no nothing. Be prepared to walk barefoot if you plan on sliding down anything, anywhere. There are lockers for rent at a reasonable rate. And women beware, a pair of shorts and a one-piece bathing suit are highly recommended for the Cliffhanger.

There are food and shopping available. The park opens daily at 10:30 a.m. (operating days and hours subject to change without notice).

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