Dive Underwater in a Submarine!

By Hawaii.com Team

Photo courtesy of Atlantis Submarine

A vast Technicolor fairyland has established itself in the reefs deep below the surface of the Pacific. This is the kingdom of sea creatures, reefs and underwater gardens. Snorkelers and divers get a glimpse of this underwater terrain, but if you don’t want to get wet, a submarine ride is the way to go.

Atlantis Adventures operates submarine tours off Waikiki that descend to a depth of 120 feet to explore the “Atlantis Reef” where two wrecked ships, two sunken airplanes and other reef structures are home to exotic marine life. Atlantis’ 64-seat submarine is the world’s largest passenger submarine with a span of more than 100 feet.

In addition to brilliantly colored schools of fish, sea urchins and other ocean creatures, look carefully for passing sharks and turtles. Amazing!

Passengers must be 3 feet tall and physically capable of navigating the near vertical ladder that provides access to the submarine.

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