WWII Wreck Diving

By Hawaii.com Team

Waianae Harbor, Oahu. Photo: Heather Harvey.

Waianae Harbor, Oahu. Photo: Heather Harvey.

Scuba divers who are looking for something different will drool at the possibility of going down deep to explore a shipwrecked navy vessel or a crashed fighter plane. The Mahi, a 186-foot U.S. Navy Minelayer built in 1939 for WWII service, is sunk in 90 feet of water off Oahu’s west side. It’s located on the island’s leeward coast, a 10 to 15 minute ride from Wai’anae Harbor.

The Mahi has been voted the fourth best wreck dive in the U.S. by Rodale’s Scuba Diving Magazine readers. Three decks and a pilot house, located at depths between 58 and 78 feet, provide a safe penetration area.

The wreck of the Gull Wing Corsair fighter plane, which crashed into the ocean in 1945, lies in waters off the east side of Oahu. This is a rare dive because the plane hasn’t been salvaged. It’s completely intact with the canopy open, propeller bent and instruments clearly visible at a depth of 105 feet.

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