Kayaking on Oahu

By Hawaii.com Team

One of the “greenest” ways to get close to nature on Oahu is by paddling a kayak. It’s just you and the ocean, surrounded by blue waters, wildlife and the wide Hawaii sky.

BOOK NOW for a 5-hour Guided Kayaking Adventure. This tour is perfect for competent adventure-minded beginners, intermediate, and experienced kayakers.

Most kayak activity providers offer beginner lessons, affordable kayaks and soft vehicle racks to carry kayaks wherever you want to launch. Several will send professional guides with you on an eco-tour adventure that aims to include as many wildlife encounters as possible.

Areas to kayak on Oahu are many and diverse. Kailua Beach is one of the world’s best and offers a beautiful experience. Whether you kayak on your own or with a guide, this activity will keep you in the moment and in the spirit of Hawaii.

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