Stars Above Hawaii

Stars Above Hawaii is truly an out of this world experience! With the use of a giant telescope over 600x the power of the human eye, your astronomer tour guide will take you on an up close and personal tour of the universe from the Moon to the stars and beyond – to other galaxies! Along the way, you will learn the Hawaii star lines, Polynesian star navigation and world cultural mythologies behind the stars and constellations, all the while picking up tidbits of facts on the latest discoveries by NASA and astronomers on the objects being viewed. This is a family fun, as well as romantic couples and friends night out event that is very social and engaging. Lots of laughs and learnings along the way with everyone getting to know one another and having a great time on the beach under the stars.

At Stars Above Hawaii YOU are the star explorer!

Attendees to the star show are Star Explorers who come from all over the world. As each Star Explorer looks through the telescope(s), examples of what may be observed throughout the year include: the rings of Saturn; clouds of Jupiter in color; inside the craters of the Moon; stellar nurseries (nebulae) and newborn baby star clusters in the hundreds; multi-colored star systems, exploded stars (supernovae remnants); and galaxies millions of light years away! Along this journey a laser light tour is provided, pointing out the names of the stars in Hawaiian (and other languages as applicable to the attendees). This activity is a real mind blower seeing the unseen as never seen before for many, with lots of breathless gasps and exhilarating expressions of amazement.

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Stars Above Hawaii is located in the Ko Olina Resort and takes place every evening of the week at the various hotels and timeshares. The Ko Olina Resort is located on the leeward (dry and clear) side of the island, and as such it has ideal dark skies for star gazing. The owner of Stars Above Hawaii, Greg McCartney, is a NASA Ambassador and astronomer.

Stars Above Hawaii is a world-class professional star show program famous for its “edutainment” (educationally entertainment) programs that create intangible memories for its attendees that last a lifetime. Stars Above Hawaii is known world-wide as Hawaii’s Gateway to the Stars for Evening Entertainment, and is recognized in Hawaii as one of the most charitable companies in Hawaii that consistently gives back to the community.

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