Supernatural! Night Tours of Spirited Haunts

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Hilo moon.  Photo:  Alan L..

Hilo moon. Photo: Alan L..

Hawaii is flush with myths and lore, as well as ghost stories and legends that are passed down through the local residents — generation to generation. Certain locales are said to possess mana, or spiritual power, and are honored by native Hawaiians. Oahu is known for hosting the Menehune, little people who are credited with amazing overnight engineering feats while the feared Night Marchers are ancient warriors who never die.

For years, Oahu has been known as a supernatural hotspot in the Pacific; so much so that a new tour company was created that specializes in spooky adventures. Oahu Ghost Tours offers three unique jaunts that thrill seekers and those interested in Hawaiian history will love.

The premier tour, “Orbs of Oahu,” takes guests to creepy sites where horrifying events took place many years ago. This four-hour driving tour visits spooky landmarks made famous in books and tales over the years — all in the dark of night. This paranormal excursion may include heiau locations (ancient temple sites), the stunning Pali Lookout, a cemetery and Kapena Falls.

The original “Honolulu City Haunts” walking tour visits Iolani Palace and the State Capital Building plus areas in both Chinatown and downtown Honolulu. Bring your camera in case you observe any unexplained events during this two-hour tour.

“Sacred Spirits” is a daytime driving tour that features ancient sacred sites and dwelling places of legendary Hawaiian gods. Visit sites said to possess spiritual power and are honored by native Hawaiians to this day. Guests will learn about the Menehune, the Night Marchers and Pele the fire goddess.

Each Oahu Ghost Tours journey is led by a excellent guide, such as native “Uncle Joe,” whose storytelling ability brings a generous authenticity to the experience.

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