Horseback Riding on Oahu

By Team

Photo courtesy of  velma_dacron

Photo courtesy of velma_dacron

Oahu’s picturesque countryside begs to be explored. Saddle up and find out for yourself. A guided horseback tour is a great way to not only explore out-of-the-way terrain, but also to become familiar with the lay of the land and the island’s culture. Tours are as diverse as the terrain.

Close your eyes and picture yourself saddled to the back of a horse. Your mount is steady on the path as it moves through the tropical foliage. To your left the stunning drapes of a mountain range rise above you, shrouds of mist clinging to the ridgeline, rays of sun shafting through to light the dense undergrowth. To your right, the grand panorama of the ocean stretches for miles in either direction. Fortunately, your horse is watching the trail while you catch the view.

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