Oahu Scooter and Bicycle Rentals

By Hawaii.com Team

There are many places on Oahu to rent a bike or scooter, get a map and supplies and set out at your own pace. Rental spots abound in Honolulu, with the basic cruiser bike types being the most popular. You can also rent scooters, mopeds, mountain bikes and performance road bikes.

Explore Diamond Head or the challenging Tantalus ride by bike and you’ll soon leave the crowded tourist areas behind. Despite heavy vehicle traffic, biking is a great way to tour Honolulu and the coast.

If you are a biking enthusiast, it wouldn’t hurt to bring along your multi-tool, a light (at least “be seen” lights) and a bag. Can you pack your helmet? It’s not always a sure thing to get one with your rental. You can find bikes all over the Island, so hop on and head out for a green way to explore Oahu.

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