Take Flight in an Ultralight

By Hawaii.com Team
Photo courtesy of  ponyboy101

Photo courtesy of ponyboy101

Feel the freedom of soaring above the dramatic landscape and coastline of Oahu’s northern and eastern shores in a powered hang glider. Flying low above the brilliant hues of the ocean, you will see ocean wildlife and hidden spots along the coast. Climb higher to get a birds-eye view of the lush landscape and startling cliffs that break into the clear, blue sky.

Commonly referred to as an ultralight or trike, this aircraft shares the elements of a hang glider, with the addition of a motor on the back. Typically each ride is a lesson in flying the glider, with the cockpit consisting of two seats — instructor seated behind the student. Between taking off and landing, students may have the chance to complete basic maneuvers that control the ultralight during flight.

The fact that your ultralight ride may involve a flying lesson will not diminish the excitement or fun. It’s easy! Steering the craft is usually accomplished in the same manner as a hang glider — by shifting weight on the handles. Climb, dive and turn with the instructor sharing as much of the control as the student is comfortable with…while taking in the stunning Island sights.

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