Go for a Spin in a Biplane

By Hawaii.com Team

Dillingham Airfield, Oahu. Photo: Bruce Tuten.

Don a cloth helmet, goggles and a white silk scarf, and step back in time in the open cockpit of a fully restored 1941 Stearman bi-plane. A romantically reminiscent flight, tours can be designed to meet the imagination and desires of passengers.

Bi-planes, which offer smooth, slow flights, carry only one passenger, who will sit in the front cockpit with the pilot in the rear. The open cockpit assures that your seat is a window seat, perfect for cameras and camcorders, and the stagger wing design allows an unobstructed view of the wonders below.

A biplane is a perfect aircraft for aerobatics. The adventurous will want to try Loops, Rolls, Figure Eights, Split S’s and more, and will find these maneuvers amazingly smooth and gentle in a Stearman. The flights, varying in length and direction, leave from Dillingham Airfield.

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