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The two best things about Hawaii are its culture and Aloha spirit. These two things are summed up no better than in the ukulele. The ukulele has become such a staple of Hawaii and Hawaiian culture, it’s hard to imagine the islands without it.

A lot of people visit the islands, fall in love with the instrument’s bright, happy tone and tropical vibe and want to get one for themselves. In what may be the best souvenir of the islands, the ukulele has a gentle learning curve, is portable, affordable, and able to be played by just about anyone. But it isn’t just a small guitar and it’s definitely not to be mistaken for a toy. The ukulele is a serious instrument that just so happens to be one of the easiest to pick up, play, and have fun with. It’s easy to mistake it for an instrument of limited range, but the ukulele can surprise you, often being able to handle whatever virtuosos thrown at it.

Unfortunately, the road to getting an ukulele (ook-oo-le-le) can be more difficult than one would think! The ukulele comes in different sizes, wood combinations, and countries of origin. They have radically different construction styles, tones, feels, and prices.

How is someone supposed to navigate the intricacies of a supposedly fun and simple instrument?

Well, the first thing you do is visit either of The Ukulele Site’s locations. We started The Ukulele Site in 2005 with a goal to help people find the right ukulele for them, regardless of budget and specific desires. We want to offer anyone, locals and visitors alike, the chance to own instruments that are the best they can possibly be and to make customers as comfortable as possible so they can properly identify the ukulele of their dreams so we did what few (if any) music shops did:

First, we hired a staff of luthiers – experts in working on instruments – to correct any issues missed by ukulele manufacturers. It’s a time-intensive process, but the difference between an ukulele that’s been properly set up by an expert and one pulled from a box and hung on a rack is dramatic. All of the ukuleles offered by The Ukulele Site go through this process – even the ones made for the most budget-conscious player. There is a central location for the work that’s done, but both retail locations also have luthiers on hand to answer any questions or tweak ukuleles to the customer’s desires.

Second, we hired a staff for the shops that consist of friendly, knowledgeable people who are also amazing players. They are there to answer any questions customers might have and guide them through the intricacies of the instrument, but they are also there to showcase the ukulele’s sounds and tones to show customers the instrument’s potential if you have patience and perseverance to practice. This is especially beneficial if you are thinking of getting into the ukulele, but have never learned to play anything.

Lastly, we set up The Ukulele’s web site to offer the closest experience to being in the shop in person. We photograph most ukuleles individually so you can see exactly which one you’re ordering, and we use our professional staff to record videos of ukulele models so anyone around the world can hear the instrument’s potential and feel confident ordering their own.

The ukulele can be a tricky instrument to buy, but the folks at The Ukulele Site are trained and ready to help you find the instrument of your dreams for a lifetime of happy playing. Hope you can visit us in one of the stores on Oahu and online.

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