KonaRed’s Hawaiian CoffeeBerry®

KonaRedʻs Hawaiian CoffeeBerry® comes uniquely from the 50 square mile tract in Kona that is dedicated to growing the world famous coffee. This locally sourced product is made from the red fleshy coffee fruit that surrounds the bean, which is then removed, dried, and condensed into a liquid. KonaRed takes this liquid and blends it with other fruits to create a beverage loaded with antioxidants. This spectacular drink provides wellness you can feel with a natural boost of energy from this super fruit and increased mental clarity. With the all-natural elements that go into the drink, KonaRed prides themselves in being able to follow the ingredients from the bottle back to its original source.

What is the Hawaiian Coffeeberry®?

  • Coffee Fruit from Kona, Hawaii
  • The fruit that surrounds the world famous Kona coffee bean

The Hawaiian Superfruit

Most people consider coffee a morning “shot in the arm.” One that provides a spark for the day ahead. But few realize that there’s more to coffee than that beloved – yet temporary – lift. In reality, before you even reach the seed (or “bean” which is subsequently dried and roasted), you’ll encounter fruit. That’s right. FRUIT. It’s called the coffee cherry, and it is a nutrient rich powerhouse.

A Nutrient Rich Powerhouse

Containing not merely a stimulant with fleeting effects, but actual nutrition with long term benefits, The Hawaiian CoffeeBerry® is LOADED with powerful compounds that lead to a better you.

  • Natural Energy
  • Improves Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Above all, makes you feel great!

Grown in Hawaii, USA

KonaRed’s Hawaiian CoffeeBerry® is the fruit of the commonly known coffee plant, Coffea arabica. Yet, KonaRed is uniquely sourced from Hawaii Coffee, where it has developed over 175 years. These coffee plants thrive in the extraordinary combination of warm tropical sunshine, abundant mountain rainfall, and mineral-rich volcanic soil, to create award-winning coffees and the nutrient powers of KonaRed.

What’s inside KonaRed?

100% Hawaii, USA Sourced Coffee Fruit

KonaRed sources its coffee fruit solely from the Big Island of Hawaii. We use a truly meaningful dose of coffee fruit in every beverage we produce. We meticulously developed our coffee fruit extract and believe that being true to the ingredient is the key to producing a product that not only tastes great but is also functional and brings real benefits to our customers.

Powerful Nutrition

We strive to have a healthy dose of Hawaiian Coffeeberry® in all of our products, which is why we formulate each product to deliver a healthy dose of nutrients and a delicious flavor. This delicious blend of KonaRed Hawaiian CoffeeBerry® with other body loving fruits brings you wellness you can feel!

Hawaiian Cascara

Meet Hawaii’s original super fruit. Loaded with antioxidants. Delightfully sweet.

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“Wellness You Can Feel!™”
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