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“Waikiki” is one of the most recognized names in Hawaii and the main tourist destination of Hawaii. With a reputation larger-than-life, Waikiki possesses both spectacular natural beautiful and a buzzing, crazy pace.To be clear, Waikiki is a beach, beachfront area and is a neighborhood of Honolulu, known for its high-rises and resort hotels, recreational activities such as surfing, shopping, active nightlife and more.

Geographically, Waikiki Beach is not very long and the surf is known for its long rolling break, making it ideal for long boarding, tandem surfing and beginners. Hawaiian royalty came to the area as a retreat in the 1880’s, to surf, to relax and to visit and the earliest small hotels opened in the 1880’s.

Waikiki isn’t much different from the after-dark scene in most big cities — unless, of course, you factor in dazzling hula moons, balmy evening air, and the rhythm of ukuleles strumming to the beat of pounding surf and the slap of rubber slippers.

There are quiet cocktail bars, jazz clubs, rock and roll dance clubs, places that specialize in Hawaiian music, salsa and reggae clubs, karaoke bars, country dance halls, English and Irish pubs, stage extravaganzas and down and dirty pubs that stay open until 4 a.m.

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