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If not for Honolulu, Hawaii would be a state in search of a city.

Nothing distinguishes Oahu more from its sister isles than its metropolitan lifestyle and its multitudes of human traffic. About 70 percent of the state’s population reside here.

Honolulu is the hub of island commerce, government, politics, education, tourism and the arts. Vastly influenced by its reputation as a world-class travel destination, the island offers more of everything than the other islands combined. TheBus system is an award-winning public transit program, which serves Honolulu and outlying areas of Oahu.

Through a volatile history of governance and attacks, it has remained the capital, largest city, and main airport and seaport of the Hawaiian Islands. Downtown Honolulu is the financial, commercial and governmental center of Hawaii.

Highlights of Honolulu include the Honolulu Zoo is an award-winning urban jungle inhabited by more than 1,200 mammals, assorted birds and reptiles, all squawking and bellowing in as many tongues. It is also home to the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, ‘Iolani Palace, The Honolulu Academy of Arts and countless other attractions. Foster Botanical Garden, a verdant oasis on the edge of downtown Honolulu.

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