Dining and Entertainment on Oahu

By Hawaii.com Team

Finding Pacific Rim and Hawaiian Regional cuisine is easy to find on Oahu, and you can find about any style of dining you desire. You’ll see famous names, chain outlets, resort restaurants, basic diners and low-key hole-in-the-wall establishments. It’s easy to stop into a storefront deli for a bite between sightseeing and shopping.

Waikiki nightlife isn’t much different from the after-dark scene in most big cities — unless, of course, you factor in dazzling hula moons, balmy evening air, and the rhythm of ukuleles strumming to the beat of pounding surf and the slap of rubber slippers.

There are quiet cocktail bars, jazz clubs, rock and roll dance clubs, places that specialize in Hawaiian music, salsa and reggae clubs, karaoke bars, country dance halls, English and Irish pubs, stage extravaganzas and hardcore saloons that stay open until 4 a.m.

For the latest scoop on shows, clubs, and music, ask your favorite bartender or concierge.

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