Oahu Beaches

There are plenty of ways to get wet on Oahu. But before you pick from the island’s long list of water adventures, go find a beach, any beach, and just kick back.

The island’s 112 miles of coastline is graced with more than 130 beaches, strands of golden sand that slope gently into the sun-sparkled, sapphire-blue water of the warm Pacific. Since the waters off Oahu are unpredictable, people are urged to swim at guarded beaches. Often tragedy occurs because people don’t understand that the ocean is not a swimming pool.

Here are some water safety tips worth remembering: consult lifeguards about ocean conditions before entering the water; heed all warning signs; never swim alone; never go out farther than you can swim; if you see someone in distress call for a lifeguard or dial 911; know your limits if in doubt, don’t go out; and never take what you can’t carry (leave your valuables at home.) Read more

Skin precautions are also recommended. Adjust to the sun gradually and use a broad-spectrum sunblock cream or lotion with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15, maybe 21 or higher. (Many Oahu lifeguards use 30+ SPF.)