Molokai’s Most Popular Attractions

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Rich in history culture, the “Most Hawaiian Island” offers highlights you shouldn’t miss:


Nene O Molokai:
At this breeding and education facility learn about Hawaii’s
endangered state bird, the Nene (Hawaiian goose).

Where: West of Kaunakakai on Highway 450

Hours: Educational tours at 9 a.m. daily

Info: (808) 553-5992

Purdy’s Natural Macadamia Nut Farm:
Learn how to crack a macadamia nut, take a tour of this mac nut farm, or just relax in the shade.

Lihi Pali Avenue, above the high school – Kaunakakai

(808) 567-6601

Big Wind Kite Factory:
Go fly a kite! At the Big Wind Kite Factory you’ll find factory tours, lots of laughs and tips on the best kite-flying spots on the island. If the wind is right they may even give you a kite-flying lesson.

120 Maunaloa Highway

Maunaloa (West Molokai)


Damien Churches:
St. Joseph Church and Our Lady of Sorrows were designed
and built in the 1860s and 1870s by Father Damien, the Belgian priest who
established Molokai’s
extraordinary mission for Hansens
disease (leprosy) patients in the late 1800s. In Kalaupapa National Historic Park, also visit Father Damien’s St. Philomena’s Church.

Where: Along Highway 450, west
of Kaunakakai

Kalua’aha Church:
Molokai’s first Christian church, built in 1844 by Protestant missionaries.

Where: On Highway 450, west of Kaunakakai


Ili’ili’opae Heiau:
One of Hawaii’s largest heiau (ancient Hawaiian place of worship), it is on the National Register of Historic Places. Accessible by foot.

Off Highway 450, west of Ualapue

R. W. Meyer Sugar Mill:
This restored sugar mill has historical exhibits and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. For guided tours, contact the Molokai Museum & Cultural Center, (808) 567-6436.

St. Philomena’s Church:
One of the churches operated by Father Damien, the Belgian priest who established Molokai’s extraordinary mission for Hansens disease patients in the late 1800s.

Kalaupapa National Historic Park

Kalaupapa (North Shore)

Coffees of Hawaii mule-drawn plantation tours:
Wagon-ride tours of a working coffee plantation available 6 days a week. Call for reservations and availability.

Kualapu’u (Central Molokai)

(808) 567-9023


Kamakou Preserve:
Hike through this 2,700-acre preserve area at Molokai’s highest elevation (4,970 feet). Features more than 250 indigenous plants and native birds. Located on the flanks of Mount Kamakou, central Molokai.


Pali Coast:
Fourteen miles of spectacular wilderness along Molokai’s north shore. Accessible by water or air. Several companies offer tours.

Halawa Valley / Moa’ulu Falls:
Hike remote, lush Halawa Valley and explore stunning Moa’ula Falls, a 250-foot waterfall at the far end of the valley. Accessible by road. Northeast Molokai

Barrier Reef:
Twenty-eight miles of pristine coral reef; the only barrier reef north of Australia. Located along the south coast of Molokai, west of Kaunakakai
along the south coast of Molokai, west of Kaunakakai (south shore).

Malama Cultural Park:
Explore the gardens, picnic with friends or watch outrigger canoe races offshore.

Along the shoreline in Kaunakakai (South shore)

Kalaupapa National Historical Park:
Within this park’s boundaries are the historic Hansen’s disease settlements of Kalaupapa and Kalawao. The community of Kalaupapa, on the leeward side of Kalaupapa Peninsula, is still home for surviving Hansen’s disease patients. In Kalawao on the windward side of the peninsula are the churches of Siloama, established in 1866, and Saint Philomena, associated with the work of Father Damien (Joseph De Veuster). The park contains the Kalaupapa Peninsula, adjacent cliffs and valleys, and submerged lands and waters out to 1/4 mile from shore. Hawaiian people inhabited the peninsula and valleys for hundreds of years prior to the establishment of the isolation settlement at Kalawao in 1866. Parts of this park are relatively undisturbed and are some of the richest archeological preserves in Hawaii.

The Molokai Light, opened in 1909 and standing on the northern tip of the peninsula, is the tallest US lighthouse in the Pacific Ocean. See this area’s spectacular sea cliffs, narrow valleys, a volcanic crater, rainforest, lava tubes and caves, and off-shore islands and waters.

The park is open 365 days a year. (808) 567-6802


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