Vacation Home Rentals on Molokai

By Team

Molokai is still probably the least known of the Hawaiian Islands and it does not attract large numbers of visitors. Hence, there are few hotels. However, there are many lovely vacation homes here built by those who appreciated the “Old Hawaii” feel of Molokai.

This is a place where one main road takes you through the diverse landscape of pristine beaches, ancient Hawaiian fish ponds, coffee plantations, lush and majestic mountains and jutting lava formations, all surrounded by the blue Pacific Ocean. It is the site of many cattle ranches and of the famed Kalaupapa National Historic Park.

So if you want to experience Hawaii an entirely different way, then consider renting a vacation home here. A house with several bedrooms… and often such amenities as swimming pools and large lanais, not to mention killer views … really gives you the opportunity to settle in and enjoy your island vacation.

Molokai is probably the only island where you can rent a vacation home right on the beach for as little as $250 per day. On the other extreme, there are beachfront estates available that will accommodate 12-16 people. Molokai also offers the option of staying in a lodge on a working ranch (accommodates 22).

Rental homes are particularly good for families, or for intergenerational groups (grandma and grandpa get their own bedroom) or for several couples traveling together. And the ability to make your own meals, particularly breakfasts and picnic lunches, can cut down substantially on your food costs.

In fact, once you have had your own island home, you may never want to stay in a hotel again. Prices vary widely according to the size of the home, its location and the time of year you are booking so shop carefully.

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