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Lahaina Harbor, Maui. Photo: Rachel + Micah.

Afraid of water? Don’t want to get wet? No problem. There are ways to explore the depths of the ocean without holding your breath.

Atlantis, owner of the world’s largest and most experienced passenger submarine fleet, will take you down deep and dry to depths of approximately 100 feet in air-conditioned comfort. There you’ll come face to face with with sealife and have the opportunity to observe a new artificial reef growing in Lahaina Harbor.

The reef was established late last year when the remains of an old whaling ship were sunk into the harbor. The Carthaginian II, a two-masted vessel that had served as a historic floating museum in Lahaina Harbor for more than 20 years, was sunk after it was determined that it was dangerous and beyond repair. The vessel, a symbol of Lahaina’s days as a 19th-century whaling port, is made up of 80-foot masts, spars, yards, and iron fittings. It is already creating a solid substrate for coral to take hold and grow.

During whale season, which begins in December, Atlantis passengers will see Maui’s visiting whales from the shuttle boat as they cruise out to the submarine along the Lahaina coastline.

Reefdancer is a semi-submersible with a unique design that allows you to sit underwater in shallow water, while the upper portion of the boat remains on top the water. It’s calm and comfortable down there, and what a view. The whole family can enjoy this adventure. The Reefdancer boards from the dock in Lahaina Harbor, just a few steps from the air-conditioned cabin. The company prides itself on its dive show, the only one on Maui. Divers will bring creatures right to your window, while another experienced diver explains the sights from within the cabin.

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