Discover South Maui’s Rich Heritage

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South Maui Coastline, Maui. Photo: Shelly Munkberg.

From the historic McGregor Point lighthouse to the Ko’ie’ie Fishpond to the remains of yesteryear’s bustling ports, South Maui’s sunny scenic shoreline is so rich in history that it’s been designated a Coastal Heritage Corridor. Thanks to the nonprofit South Maui Heritage Corridor Action Committee you can experience the wonders of days gone by via a series of interpretive signs and a free guide map. You can also step back in time to explore this region’s history on a tour conducted by Pacific Whale Foundation from Ma’alaea Harbor.

You’ll learn about a simpler time 1,000 years ago when Hawaiian fishermen plied the sea in outrigger canoes and farmers grew ‘uala (sweet potatoes) in the region’s dry soil. You can follow the arrivals of the first European explorers and whalers, traders, missionaries and plantations and relive the days of World War II when the area served as a vital training area for the U.S. military.

Pick up your free South Maui Coastal Heritage Corridor guide map at Pacific Whale Foundation stores at 612 Front St., Lahaina, or at the Harbor Shops at Ma’alaea, next to the Maui Ocean Center.

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