Experience Old Hana at the Hana Cultural Center & Museum

By Hawaii.com Team
Photo: Thomas.

Photo: Thomas.

The Hana Cultural Center & Museum, developed by local residents to tell the story of this unique Hawaiian community, is home to a traditional Hawaiian village, a historic courthouse that is still in use, an old jailhouse and a museum.

The village consists of four authentic structures, or hale. Called “Kauhale O Hana,” it overlooks Hana Bay and offers a delightful opportunity to glimpse Hana’s past and present. In the village, you’ll find replicas of four traditional thatch structures and an ethnobotanical garden. The structures represent early Hawaiian life with thatched hales of living, meeting, cooking and canoe building/storage spaces.

The museum contains more than 560 artifacts, over 600 books, a bottle collection and some 5,000 photographs from the Hana District. A gift shop offers a selection of greeting cards created by more than 120 local artists and photographers.

Located at 4974 Uakea Road near the turn-off to Hana Bay, the center is open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. except Christmas and New Year’s days.

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