Weddings on Lanai

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Photo: Four Seasons at Koele.

Photo: Four Seasons at Koele.

Seeking the perfect place for a wedding? Lanai can certainly accommodate. Hawaii almost seems as if it was created to host weddings and honeymoons. Undeniably one of the most romantic places on the planet, Hawaii has established an important segment of its tourism business in the category of weddings. Most resorts are well versed in hosting the ceremony and many times offer packages, which include amenities, activities and dining values.

Those wanting to embark on their marriage in Hawaii first need to consider consulting a wedding planner, who will help with all the details, big and small. Obtaining the marriage license and a legal officiant to perform the ceremony is most important on the checklist.

Would you like your wedding on an ocean cliff 200-feet up or in a serene garden surrounded by pines? How about the beach? There is always the grand terrace of a luxury resort. Resorts on Lanai offer assistance with the details of any kind of wedding.

One more plus to having a wedding in Hawaii is the moment the reception is over, the honeymoon begins — with no additional travel.

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