Lanai Driving Tips

By Team
Photo courtesy of Forest and Kim Starr via

Photo courtesy of Forest and Kim Starr via

If you rent a car or four-wheel-drive on the “Most Secluded Isle,” you may want to keep the following in mind:

  • All occupants of a car must wear seat belts (regardless of age), and children weighing less than 40 pounds must be in a child safety or booster seat.
  • Right on red is legal unless otherwise marked.
  • Heavy rain frequently washes out certain roads, making them impassable. Ask about current driving conditions when you rent your car.
  • Lanai’s axis deer population outnumbers its human population (6,000 to 2,500). Always watch for deer on the road, especially into the evening hours.
  • Avoid designated hunting areas.
  • Don’t set out on a road trip without either a map or detailed instructions, or a local guide.
  • When out exploring, pack food, water, sunscreen and whatever else you’ll need for the day; there are no convenience stores outside Lanai City.
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  • Sanitize your phone with UV rays