Great Places to Snorkel

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Tunnels Reef, Kaui. Photo: Brodie Guy.

Kauai’s warm, largely undisturbed waters offer snorkelers and SCUBA divers rich sea life and intriguing underwater reef and lava formations, including caves, tunnels, ledges and colorful coral beds. The island’s expert dive guides can help you spend days exploring the best spots, but if you’re headed out on your own, we recommend these locations

• In the spring and summer months (April through September), head out to Tunnels Reef on the North Shore, just past Hanalei. Two large reefs make this spot excellent for snorkeling (on the inner reef) and SCUBA diving (on outer reef). Especially note the area’s interesting underwater reef formations, including small caverns and tunnels.
Beware: In winter, the outer reef is exposed to strong surf.

• Just beyond Tunnels is Ke’e Beach, another beautiful pick for spring and summer diving.

• The south coast’s Po’ipu Beach offers some of the best snorkeling in the Islands.

• In the fall and winter months (October through March), Koloa Landing on Hanaka’ape Bay (just west of Po’ipu) is a popular snorkel and dive site, with easy access and plenty to see on both sides of the landing

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