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Snorkeling on Kauai

Bright tropical fish dashing about spiny sea urchins and slick moray eels peering out from under their coral chambers are among the many exciting sea life activities you can experience while snorkeling on Kaua‘i.

Several locations around the island accommodate curious underwater onlookers, however, it is imperative to check ocean conditions prior to heading out on your adventure. Far too many have had their lives tragically taken due to Kaua‘i’s dangerous rip tides. In fact, two prime snorkeling locations—Anini and Tunnels—do not have lifeguards and are more often than not, unsuitable for swimming. Just remember, if in doubt, do not go out.

Garden Isle reefs are not as vibrantly colored as you might imagine as they’ve endured quite the ocean battering over the years. Additionally, they are largely laced in algae so you won’t see the same kind of colorful displays you would around other islands like Hawai‘i Island. Still, as you explore, be careful not to step on these delicate ecosystems. While the colors might not appear as vivacious, the reefs are very much alive and any kind of blow to their structures impacts the life surrounding them.
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One highly recommended location to enjoy the beauty of Kaua‘i’s underbelly, especially for families seeking a safe spot for their keiki (kids), is Lydgate Beach Park in Wailua. This beach not only has lifeguards, it’s also home to a wall-rimed lagoon, protecting swimmers from harsh currents.Poʻipū Beach is another lifeguarded locale. The best time of year to visit this South Shore beach is during the winter season when swells subside. Same goes for Salt Pond Beach Park. This Westside beach is perfect for snorkeling journeys, especially during the winter, and lifeguards will keep a mindful watch on you as you investigate this traditionally gentler coastline.

North Shore beaches are best to visit during the summer. As long as conditions are appropriate, Anini Beach in Kilauea, as well as Tunnels in Hā‘ena, offer wonderful opportunities to say hello to many ocean critters.

One of the best and safest ways, however, to snorkel on Kaua‘i is by booking a guided boat tour. These adventures let you experience marine life farther away from the shore, including dolphins and turtles. You’ll also see out-of-this-world vistas like the Nāpali Coast and might even witness Hawaiian humpback whales as you head to various snorkeling destinations.

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