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Scuba Diving on Kauai

Kaua‘i’s landscape is glorious, but there’s an equally stunning environment below its surface. Hidden beneath the tides are seascapes with secret sights and mysterious creatures land dwellers aren’t privy to.

Nothing compares to diving some 60-feet to watch blacktip sharks peruse the ocean floor and moray eels poke their heads from the reef’s many nooks and crannies. Scuba diving is the only way you can visit this enchanting world up close.

Several companies like Seasport Divers, famous for its yellow submarines fronting their offices, provide tours with expert scuba divers that take guests to different hot spots around the island. Most of the journeys, however, require a PADI Open Water Certification. If you’re willing and able to invest the time and don’t already have one, you can start the process prior to your trip by getting credited online ( The same tour companies offer classes that allow you to continue your certification once you arrive on island. If you’ve already done your online prerequisites, then the rest of the process only takes about two days to complete rather than the typical three to five.
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Perhaps that sounds too daunting. Don’t worry, you have other options like booking a tour with the Kaua‘i Down Under Dive Team that allows non-certified divers to learn basic scuba skills and take a two tank introductory journey some 40-feet underwater.

For those with a certification already under their belt, you’ve got plenty of options like night dives that give you a rare chance to see a variety of different critters and colors including crustaceans and bioluminescence. The most spectacular experience however, touted by the scuba diving community on Kaua‘i, is a day-long trip that takes guests some 17 miles to the Forbidden Island of Ni‘ihau and uninhabited Lehua crater. Here divers immediately encounter a variety of marine wildlife like endangered monk seals, octopus, turtles, sharks, manta rays, dolphins, lobsters and schools of vibrantly colored curious fish. The inaccessibility of the island has granted sea life the ability to thrive here which is what sets this spot apart from others. That and its gorgeous habitat with underwater arches and valleys illuminated brilliantly by filtered sunlight.

Make it a point to journey into the belly of the Pacific Ocean where a whole other world is waiting for you to explore.


Underwater on Kauai. Photo: @kitfurderer.

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