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Fishing in Hawaii. Photo: leesean.

Looking for that trophy fish? There are not too many places better than Hawaii to fish for the awesome Pacific Blue Marlin or the Striped Marlin. Kauai’s charter fishermen systematically cover productive areas with the goal of getting you hooked up and in that fighting chair.

If you’re not experienced in fishing Hawaiian waters, keep an open mind and plan on fishing Hawaiian-style. “The more you know about big game fishing in the rest of the world, the more you will be surprised by the methods Hawaii’s anglers use to establish more billfish and tuna records than any other band of fishermen in any other marine locale,” writes author Jim Rizzuto.

Deep sea fishing in Hawaii means exactly that. The 100-fathom ledge (1fathom=6ft) is less than two miles out of Nawiliwili Harbor. Another three miles puts you on the 1,000-fathom ledge. So depths of over 6,000 feet are only within an hour at trolling speed. That means, more fishing time and better odds.

A good time to try some inshore bottom fishing is when the winds are light and variable. The best conditions usually come together in the winter months. The water and air temperature will drop and trolling can be a bit slow at times. However, the inshore waters will hold great schools of Scad Mackerel, which can be caught jigging on spinning tackle. Having this excellent live bait available will often mean some good fishing action on the medium 20-50 pound tackle. Targeted inshore species can include Grey Snapper (Uku), Jack (Ulua) Barracuda (Kaku), Rainbow Runner (Kamanu), Sea Bass and Shark.

Shoreline fishing is another option. Endless Summer Fishing Adventures stocks rental equipment to accommodate the novice to the experienced fisherman. The company also offers a guided torch-light fishing adventure for night anglers.

Most fishing charter companies run from Nawiliwili Harbor, some from Port Allen, and a couple from the North Shore. They will offer a choice of share or private trips. Some will offer a ride-along, half-price rate for the sightseeing mate.

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