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Walking Tours on Kauai

A leisurely stroll on Kaua‘i might not be on your vacation radar. Why walk when you can zip-line, surf or kayak, just to name a few of the island’s most exciting adventures? But here’s why you should: Walking tours give you an opportunity to slow down — you are on vacation, after all. Plus, you learn from knowledgeable guides and gain insight about different aspects of the island.

On the west side, for example, is a three-hour walking tour in Waimea where you’ll learn historical facts like where Captain Cook first made contact with the Hawaiian Islands. The tour, based on donations, is conducted by the West Kaua‘i Visitor Center and launches every Monday at 8:30 a.m. It’s a perfect stop before making your way to Waimea Canyon State Park.
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Located on the south shore is a walking tour that lets you get in touch with your inner Indiana Jones. Ancient Kaua‘i Excursions allows guests to explore a limestone cave, the richest fossil site in the state that holds many archaeological treasures. Plenty of discoveries have been made here, including bones of large flightless birds that have since gone extinct. The walk is less than a mile but takes you from the top of the cave, looking into its sinkhole, into its darkest depths. During the four-hour tour, you’ll also explore a restoration project where scientists at the Makauwahi Cave Reserve are growing native plants that once thrived in the area.

The National Tropical Botanical Garden, a nonprofit dedicated toward the preservation of native flora, also has walking tours at all three of its locations on the island. You’ll have the opportunity to fully immerse in nature either on guided or self-guided tours. Allerton and McBryde Gardens are both located on the south shore and Limahuli Garden and Preserve is in Ha‘ena on the north shore.

Coffee connoisseurs will love the walking tour at Kaua‘i Coffee Company where they can sip many flavorful brews created on site and learn how they’re made. The best part about these tours is they’re free of charge and happen regularly throughout the day during the business’ operating hours.

Foodies will love Tasting Kaua‘i. These food tours offer an east side walkable journey that lets you explore a local farm in Kealia and taste its seasonal produce. From there, you’ll visit different eateries along the Royal Coconut Coast where you taste some of the chefs’ most divine dishes. The tours occur every Thursday from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. and are a great way to indulge while working off some extra calories at the same time.

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