Soak in a Natural Spa

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Cooling off in a natural jacuzzi of bubbling waters below romantic Hanakapiai Falls is an invigorating experience. To reach this natural spa, drive out to the end of the road on the North Shore at Ke’e Beach. Park and lock your car and walk to the clearly marked trailhead. The hike in from Ke’e Beach to Hanakapiai Valley is about two miles along the Kalalau Trail. This takes about 90 minutes of hardy hiking spiced with several great Na Pali vistas.

At the beach, the trail turns inland to Hanakapiai Falls and follows a narrow stream for approximately two miles. This portion of the trail is a strenuous hike and not for the novice or casual hiker. The trail meanders back and forth across the stream beginning about three-quarters of a mile in. Never attempt the trail in the rain as the stream is prone to flash floods. You won’t get lost as the trail follows the stream.

Stop and check out the ruins of old taro terraces made by the ancient Hawaiians. Remnants of a coffee plantation with a rusting coffee mill date from the 1890s. The last half mile is a workout, but more than worth it. The Na Pali magic clicks in and the vegetation becomes very lush with pools and small waterfalls luring you along to Hanakapiai Falls.

Your reward awaits at the small pool below the three-tiered, 300-foot cascading waterfall. Take off your hiking shoes, relax and luxuriate in a setting that man cannot duplicate. After a brief dip in the pool below the falls, move on to a nearby pool for a longer soak. Rocks occasionally tumble down the falls, so it’s best not to press your luck.

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